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Savings Specialists, offering a full procurement review service. Our independent expertise offers an easy consultancy service that helps you save time and money.

We are confident we can help and can provide an obligation-free desk top analysis.

Core Values


Working in a positive manner and with integrity, we strive for straightforward smart saving solutions.


Bringing lots of energy and enthusiasm, we enjoy learning how businesses can save money, and seeing these through to fruition.

Lifelong Learning

With a self-motivated pursuit for knowledge, every business we support, helps us to grow. This enables us intern, to further support businesses both past and future.

Our USP's


Not just another spreadsheet buyer!

Getting stuck in on the shop floor and supporting businesses by looking around the edges and in the ‘dirty corners’, the areas regularly missed due to time constraints or a lack of specific knowledge.

No Win No Fee

Working for a % of the savings, there are no day rates or hidden costs.

If we do not save you money… you do not pay us.


Looking at the areas regularly missed on the day to day with enthusiasm and energy, our enjoyment comes from succeeding to make customers more profitable.

We believe in thinking differently and challenging the status quo.

The result, savings which directly affect the P&L accounts, and efficiencies at ground level.



cips logo

CIPS studies and qualifications have been invaluable over the years, however the experience gained in the last 25 years and the vast network built up over those years are equally, if not more valuable. The knowledge passed down by the many ‘experts in their field’ are what have brought the successful specialist services of Hart Procurement today.

Getting the best deal for our customers is of the upmost importance, but forging lasting and for filling supplier relationships, guarantees long-term sustainable supply, based on a lasting competitive advantage. We always gain knowledge and feedback from suppliers to challenge and improve the quality and supply.

Product management

Looking not just at the total cost of a product, but how it is made and used in a set environment. Our practical approach often means redundant components can be stripped out or features and quality added into a product, all whilst reducing the cost or increasing the products longevity.

Health and Safety, NEBOSH

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NEBOSH Qualification has helped Hart Procurement to be mindful of the safety implications attributed to any course of action suggested. Having a solid Health and Safety background allows us to improve a work environment whilst saving money and creating efficiency.


ISO auditor logo

Being accredited as an ISO Internal auditor, and having written and conducted many audits, both internally and externally, Hart Procurement are aligned with Quality, Hygiene, Ethics, and Health and Safety, using decision trees to help determine the right course of action and level of possible risks.


Manufacturing and Distribution Specialist

Experience shows that most manufacturers have their top 20 purchases (or main production products) nailed down to the best deal, but indirect products, such as packaging and PPE, are usually not focused on so heavily due to time constraints or a lack of specialist knowledge. I support businesses and procurement teams by looking around the edges and in the dirty corners, the areas left unchecked due to time constraints or lack of specific knowledge.


Our process is simple:
  1. Review regular purchases including service contracts
  2. Review direct and indirect spends
  3. We present saving opportunities; regularly achieving savings of 15-20% on current spends
We benefit companies by;
  • Understanding the value of long term and sustainable relationships, which are based on a lasting competitive advantage in your market sector
  • Gaining knowledge and feedback from suppliers to challenge and improve quality / supply
  • Ensuring product change decisions are made with a long-term view instead of a short-term perspective
  • Ensuring suppliers understand that we seek quality stability
  • Using a variety of tools and tactics to remain competitive
  • By understanding the % of raw material to the price we pay
  • Managing packaging waste annual submissions
  • A diligent approach
  • To help maintain or improve the quality of your product
  • To control or improve your purchasing terms
  • The creation and implementation of a purchasing strategy policy
  • Supplier consolidation, leading to:
    1. - Greater buying power and improved supplier costs/terms
      - Less internal admin costs (cost per purchase order)
  • Implementation of key performance indicators (KPI’s)
  • Ensuring all suggested alternatives are fully tested/trialled and carefully considered within a multi-disciplined team


"During Frank’s time with Croda he was able to identify a number of smart sourcing opportunities to deliver both savings and security of supply. He brings lots of energy and enthusiasm to the workplace and engages well with all stakeholders."

Justin Williams
Site Director at Croda

September 17, 2020, Justin managed Frank directly

"During Frank’s time at Detectamet he was instrumental in achieving several cost savings across the business that resulted in improving margins and maximizing efficiency."

Sean Smith
Founder/Owner at Detectamet - Detectable Products

September 7, 2020, Sean managed Frank directly

"I worked alongside Frank for 7 years while he was purchasing manager at Needlers. He was always friendly and professional. Frank had a deep understanding of the suppliers and products he purchased and had no problems at all getting the best out of suppliers from all over the world and especially those in the far East. He was constantly achieving savings and innovation while keeping a close eye on quality and fitness for purpose. I don’t doubt that if there are savings and opportunities in any businesses supply chain Frank can find them."

John Logan
IT Manager at Needlers Ltd.

August 18, 2020, Frank worked with John in the same group

"Frank recently supported us during the early stages of the pandemic. He provided excellent procurement services, managing to source scarce items at the same as engaging with suppliers to establish any supply chain issues up front. A keen eye for saving a buck, he identified and managed cost savings even with regular vendors. He integrated well and his ' can do' approach across all business areas was welcomed. I would whole heartedly recommend Frank to other businesses wanting similar support. Thank you Frank!"

Matthew Welch

June 26, 2020, Frank was a client of Matthew’s

"I worked with Frank for only a short time but was very impressed with how quickly he was able to identify and implement savings across the board. He has a down to earth, friendly approach and involves the whole team, allowing them to feel they "own" the project themselves. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Frank for any manufacturing company, and I'm quite sure within only a matter of months he would have achieved considerable savings for the business."

Hellen Tordoff
Marketing Manager at Kaizen Consulting

August 18, 2020, Frank worked with Hellen in the same group

"Frank and I started our now long relationship of “problem solving” and “right product for the right price and specifications” at Needlers where we both worked and instantly our fates were set. Frank was the definitive reason we secured multimillion pound contracts during my years at Needlers so it was no difficult decision to work with Frank at every company he and I have worked at since, Frank is one of life’s ‘doers’ and I look forward to many more years of joint ventures to come. Contact Frank! you will not regret it with this high calibre individual."

Rue Paul
German quality and detail in the UK

September 11, 2020, Rue worked with Frank but at different companies


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